LandVault Platform

Get to know your way around the LandVault Platform.

At LandVault our mission is to accelerate the Metaverse economy by providing technical solutions native to Web3 space. One of the key components of this approach is the LandVault Platform.

With the Platform, navigating through the Open Metaverse as a regular user, brand or land owner should become significantly easier. The Platform contains a constantly improving and extending set of tools that represents the first steps towards a metaverse technology stack.

Metaverse Discovery

Here is a quick demo of the platform:


Vault is a portfolio of virtual lands and other NFTs within user wallet. It is targeted at any user who creates an account on the LandVault platform. It allows any user to monitor your wallet land holdings, that will become a foundation for future land staking and renting features.

Access your virtual assets via wallet integration

Understand the value of your portfolio and how to monetize it


The Measurements module provides the additional possibility to see the key metrics of your experience in the metaverse, like the number of users, new users/return users, number of sessions, time spent in your experience, and many more. Refer to this article for more information.


The Insights page of LandVault Platform provides data to understand the current state and the most recent activities of the metaverse land market. This module aggregates a lot of data from the most popular metaverses and may help you analyze opportunities and tendencies on the market.

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