Measurement and Analytic modules are introduced into the LV platform, allowing users to access the metrics for their given experiences. This also comes with new access control, to ensure that only experience(s) associated with the relevant account is presented to the user.
This module enables users to collect data on the activities in their experiences, including usage statistics, user engagement, and performance metrics. With real-time data, you'll have the information you need to make informed decisions and optimize your metaverse experience.

How to get started?

Landvault provides a special solution that can be used to track data from different experiences in different metaverses. Its integration is implemented through the prepared by us script that can be integrated into the experience and fire trackers automatically or through our API. In order to get started with this module, you have to reach our team through the Contact form and we'll assist you further.

Measurements & Analytic modules



Shows the number of unique visitors. It includes both new and return users.


Shows the total amount of sessions started in the experience.

Dwell time

Collects and calculates the average time of all users connected to the experience.
Also, you can find out which hours have the biggest amount of visitors in your experience.


If you want to track clicks on objects in your scene, you can send click events. LandVault will process the data and present it in your reports.


If you are interested in tracking users' gazes, you can send gaze events to our APIs. Using our services, you can track hot objects in your experience and measure user gaze times

Connection type

Shows the percentage of users who signed up with a wallet or as guests.


Shows the hottest places on the map where players spent most of their time in the experience.
Shows the most visited places by number of users.
Shows places where users left the experience.
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