Getting started

You can start using the LandVault Platform right after you open the main page. You do not need to create an account for exploring lands and analytics for various metaverse platforms. However, with an account created, you will be first to have an access to new features in the future.

Creating an account

Creating a user account is a foundation for user profile management within LandVault Platform. Anybody can create an account on the LandVault Platform. It is possible via:

  • Wallet integration

    • MetaMask

    • Wallet Connect

  • SSO

    • Google

    • Twitter

    • Discord

  • Email

In the created accounts, you can add other sign-in methods or connect your wallet to your account in the User Setting or specify the name, communication email, and set the picture for your account in the Edit Profile section.

Metaverse Discovery

Move to this section for more information about each individual feature.

Reaching out to LandVault

Ready to start your Web3 journey? Get in touch with our team — as the world's largest builders in the metaverse we're helping brands, land owners, advertisers, virtual builders, publishers and literally any person interested to get into the metaverses and discover all the opportunities.

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