Explore deals & track market trends on your Web3 journey
Insights page of LandVault Platform provides data to understand the current state of the metaverse land market. It consists of two sections: charts with analytics and comparison table.
In the first section, a user can explore Number of deals and Volume of sales accross certain time period:
You can select and de-select specific metaverses in a legend
In the Compare metaverses section, a user can see metaverse land sales stats for the last 24 hours. We provide Number of Land Owners to date, as well as Average price and Floor price for land.
You can switch between currencies and sort numeric columns
One of the features in Compare metaverses table is the comparison between actual and estimated prices. If our model estimates that actual average or floor price is lower than the estimated one, we then mark the delta as positive. Such metaverse can be a place with some valuable offers, which a user can explore by clicking on right arrow in 'Discover Lands' column.
We use the same predictive algorithms as for Hot lands to estimate average and floor prices. Check out more details here
Last modified 1yr ago