Metaverse Discovery

This article describes Discovery tool and data behind it

Metaverse Discovery is a tool that aggregates data from various metaverses. It helps you to:

  • track market trends per metaverse platform, such as the number of lands for sale, average price, sales volume, etc.;

  • explore lands on auction to find the best offers.

On the main page, you have a section Discovery Metaverses which allows you to observe different data points from the metaverse platforms, get information about the most attractive underpriced lands for investing with Hot lands section, and get a Metaverse sentiment score that helps understand the current perception of a metaverse based on media and open sources.

Data and metrics

Metaverse Discovery section is currently supporting these metaverse platforms:

  • Decentraland

  • The Sandbox

  • Somnium Space

  • NFT Worlds

  • Otherside

Data points within Discovery


Total number of lands

Total number of land parcels available in metaverse

Number of lands for sale

Number of lands available for sale at this period of time

Floor price

Cheapest price of land available for sale

Average price

Average price of lands available for sale

Total volume of sales

Total volume of land sales for all time

Delta in sales volume

Difference of sales volume between current week and previous week in %

More details

When you open a metaverse project you're interested in, you can see more data points associated with it.


Volume of sales per period

Difference of sales volume between the chosen periods. For example: - Last 7 days vs 7 days before that period; - Last 14 days vs 14 days before that period; etc;

Avg.price per period

Average price of lands for chosen period

Metaverse sentiment score

Besides sales metrics, LandVault have developed a sentiment score. Sentiment score identifies the perception of a specific metaverse platform within different sources. This score should help in understanding what's the current feeling about the particular project and make a decision if it is a good time to jump into it.

How we calculate sentiment

Sentiment score is calculated based on:

  • sentiment of tweets with hashtags associated with metaverse platform title (e.g. #decentraland) and their number;

  • titles of news from set of RSS feeds;

  • Google Trends;

The score is then combined with a metaverse platform market stats like the number of land sales, land owners, and other. All this data is aggregated and processed by our algorithms to show you the aggregated sentiment of a specific metaverse project.

Hot lands

We're aiming to help brands, land owners and investors to explore the current market of virtual lands within top-tier metaverse projects. We do not just show high-level stats and what lands are for sale, but also use our algorithms to identify the most valuable lands for sale — Hot lands.

You can find the Hot lands section on the main page of the LandVault Platform or while exploring a specific metaverse from the Discovery Metaverse section.

Hot Lands section from the main pageHot Lands from the chosen metaverse

It shows the most underpriced and attractive lands across all metaverse projects on the Platform.

It shows the most underpriced and attractive lands from the given metaverse project.

How Hot lands are calculated

Hot Lands are defined based on several criteria:

  • price ratio to neighbors;

  • distance to key map objects (roads, border, etc.)

  • history of sales;

  • price trend for the metaverse, and a couple more.

You may notice that some Hot lands have a percentage number.

This number we call a hotness number (%). It shows the hottest lands based on the formula that counts several metrics. The formula that we're using for this is next:

Hotness=100EstimatedPrice/LandFloorPriceHotness = 100 * EstimatedPrice / LandFloorPrice

Where EstimatedPrice is a price defined by the LandVault machine learning model that is based on the sales history of land, land neighbors, and features like distance to the road or to the plaza, or other metaverse-specific features that describe the land. LandFloorPrice - is a price on the marketplace;

If the hotness number is higher than 100%, then we're showing how much it is higher.

For example, hotness number is 103%, then we're showing 3% as a hotness number for Land.

If we haven't identified any lands with a hotness score that is larger than 100% for the metaverse project, we then show lands that have the lowest price.

Explore lands

When you decide to go with a specific metaverse platform, you can explore lands that are available for sale. You can search by title and description, filter by size & price and sort by recent/oldest added lands for sale.

If a metaverse platform has land associated with LandVault, you will see a toggle LandVault lands. By turning it on, you will be able to see lands that are owned by LandVault. Get in touch with us if you would like to use them for your needs.

You can also see Hot Lands on the map of Explore Lands section, just toggle "Hot Lands" at the top right of Explore section:

On the map, it will show those lands that have hotness number higher than 100%.

Another useful feature that may help you find what you need is to use a price heat map. This map is available for Decentraland, Somnium and Sandbox, allowing users to toggle views to get better insights on the pricing for the given Metaverse.

Once you find land you're interested in, you can find more information about it. You can enter the land in the metaverse, review its price, description, traits and land sales history.If you think that this land is something you are looking for — get in touch with us, and we can help you build on top of it.


  1. Can I use these tools for free? Yes, services on the LandVault platform are free to use.

  2. What metaverses do you support? Decentraland, Sandbox, Somnium Space, NFT Worlds, Otherside

  3. What marketplaces are supported? Currently, we support the OpenSea marketplace.

  4. What currencies are supported? Ethereum and USD.

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